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Your technology partner to take your business to its the next level.

Indas Technologies provides end-to-end solutions to your web development needs. Our services span over the complete product lifecycle. Our major areas of focus are :-

Web 2.0 product development

Indas Technologies enables you to incorporate a participatory model in your web properties. Web 2.0 technologies enable greater interaction and collaboration among users. These technologies have led to development of innovative ways for information sharing. Indas Technologies technologies provides a wide array of Web 2.0 solutions like Blogs, Video sites, Forums, Social Networks, User Generated Content sites, Online Publishing sites, Web API Mashups, Rich Internet Applications, and a lot more. Indas Technologies has expertise in building Web 2.0 products from ground up. We incorporate the latest web technologies to create outstanding solutions.

Social Networks and Application

Today, social networks are about a lot more than just "social". These online communities, sometimes built around particular interests or activities, are where people spend most of their internet usage. Indas Technologies understands exactly what goes into making successful social networks.


The internet has opened new avenues for traditional businesses. A lot of these have taken the online path and have realised quick gains through a global reach and a diversified customer base. This has given to them new sources of revenues. Indas Technologies provides the best platform to such businesses. We build well designed e-commerce sites with all the popular payment gateways integrated.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

There is a lot of activity going on the web and websites should update their content regularly for incremental user popularity. The various content types available like blogs, videos, images, feeds, etc. give website owners a plethora of options to reach out to their target audiences. In such cases, it is best for website owners to have a panel for maintaining the different aspects of their sites. Content Management Systems (CMSs) do just that for you. Indas Technologies Technologies has expertise in the most popular open source CMSs.

Web Designing

Web design can be considered as the follow of creating, presenting and inventive manner of text content arranging, so that we can promote our business.

Business Portals

It is unarguably very important and beneficial for businesses of all sizes to join the internet and have an online identity. Most of their prospective and existing customers are internet users and a web platform would be the best medium to serve them. Whether it could be your informative showcase, your online support system, or your organization's online community, Indas Technologies develops robust solutions to address all your requirements. Our corporate website development services will provide the best online platform for your business.

Software Development & Outsourcing

It's important for businesses to recognize and focus on their core competencies, to achieve maximum efficiency in areas that bring revenue. Companies that do not have the competency to manage IT optimally end up losing both in terms of quality of business process, time and efficiency-and in the long run, the bottom line suffers. Outsourcing IT tasks to professionals can free up the company's resources to concentrate on the main line of business. We at Indas Technologies provide supporting pillars to companies and help them focus on their respective core competencies by taking up IT implementation aspect.

Data Managemnet & Migration

Indas Technologies helps its clients in migrating legacy, cost incurring platform applications to cost effective Open Source platform applications with bleeding edge technologies. We help the clients to migrate the existing enterprise systems implemented in behemoths like IBM, BEA, and Oracle to an Open Source upstart called JBoss. Common migrations we have worked on are: Operating system from Windows to Red Hat/Suse Linux. J2EE application from any Application Server to JBoss Application Server. Database from DB2, Oracle, SQL Server 2000 to MySql.

Maintenance and Support

Maintenance of a web platform is very critical for long term success. The maintenance and support services by Indas Technologies ensures that this important component of your project life cycle is well undertaken. Our services for this extend over multiple web platforms.

Value Added Services

We at Indas Technologies are committed towards taking out COST out of IT, meaning thereby, we collaborate with the client and after understanding his requirement suggest / implement a solution which shall be robust and give value for money. Indas Technologies is committed towards Open Source initiative and hence offers propositions which translates into low TCO for the client.